Bryce Marsden Joins In Marketing We Trust – Hello World, is this thing on?

by | Aug 9, 2013

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Hi world, my name is Bryce Marsden and I am an aspiring marketing intern working for In Marketing We Trust. Throughout university, marketing has been a big passion of mine, focusing on research of unique, interesting topics and the future integration of social media within society.

During university, I studied a Bachelor of Business Administration and quickly found out that I didn’t have an interest in numbers (a.k.a Accounting). My passions evolved into more creative areas focusing on marketing, Roman and Greek ancient history and the psychology behind economic and business theories.

I am constantly required to be within arms reach of some form of technology and often can be seen glued to my phone. Other times I can be found hidden away in my cave scouring the internet for news on topics that invoke my interest. My flavour of the month changes often, with the most recent obsessions Twitter, Reddit and

In my spare time, I follow the competitive e-sports scene and in particular League of Legends. I also manage the administrative work for the Macquarie University Soccer Club and lead my football team onto the pitch week after week.

While I am a casual Video gamer, I enjoy the life of a Professional Sydney FC fanatic. With season tickets in the home end, you will find me every fortnight cheering, chanting and crying following the teams’ philosophy of ’90 minutes; 9000 emotions’. A true roller-coaster of emotions.

After my internship is complete, my goals are to get a full-time job in marketing and build a strong reputable career continuing to do what I love for a living, and managing to get paid at the same time.

@Bryceicals on Twitter or find me on LinkedIn

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