Attract, Capture & Convert with Social Media Marketing: An Interview with Mason Duchatschek

by | Apr 21, 2015

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As a digital marketer and writer one of my favourite things about my job is writing content that I personally would want to read and share. I recently had the opportunity to write a post about the Top 25 Social Media Marketing Books to Read in 2015. As part of my research I contacted some of the amazing authors who made the cut.
Mason Duchatschek, social media expert, owner of and author of Attract, Capture & Convert was kind enough to share his business acumen and social media prowess. I asked his advice on behalf of small business owners everywhere, how to utilise social media to achieve their goals and of course attract, capture and convert.

Ultimately, Attract, Capture & Convert is a book for entrepreneurs, what advice can you give to those unwilling to spend another day working for the man?

Don’t quit your job and run off to start a business, yet. Develop your online marketing skills (and enhance your offline marketing skills). Nothing happens until sales are made. tweet
Hopefully you have decided to market a product or service you like, can deliver in a fast and high quality manner and earn a fair profit when you do. Do it on the side, part time and after hours until your skills improve enough for the market to reward you with enough money to make the leap into self-employment.

What’s your advice for companies and individuals just starting out who are feeling overwhelmed by social media marketing?

Create content that solves problems for prospects and customers that is so helpful that they are inclined to share it with others just like them. tweet
Literally, answer frequently asked questions and answers to questions your ideal prospects and customers SHOULD be asking. Respond to people who ask for clarification and be nice about it.
Be authentic and at the very least, post that content on the major social media platforms being used by ideal prospects.

One of your specialties is helping people increase demand and get paid more for what they do. How can individuals utilise social media to achieve this?

People know something is good when they see it. That means businesses should create good content (that educates, entertains or inspires) and get it in front of their prospects and customers. (Hint: Their prospects and customers are spending LOTS of time on their favorite social media platforms.)tweet

You also teach how to outperform industry giants on a shoestring budget. Everyone has a voice and a platform to speak thanks to social media but just how can companies with a tiny budget compete with industry giants across the social networks?

The marketplace rewards quality. It also rewards authenticity and the “human” voice in marketing efforts. Industry giants often play things “safe” and produce boring, sterile, corporate fluff that is easily forgettable or memorable because it is so lame. Do the opposite of the industry giants. (Hint: YouTube and video marketing is a great place to start.)tweet

One of the major themes in Attract, Capture & Convert is managing online reputations and minimising the damage caused by vocal critics. How can a small business turn those critics into champions?

We wrote a whole book on that topic (It is called “Defeating an Internet Boogeyman”). If you wanted my opinion on the BEST way to handle vocal critics, I would say that it is to prevent them from becoming critics in the first place. Bend over backwards to provide exceptional service, listen to complaints, solve each customer’s problem and try to do something nice for them because of the unnecessary hassle. Turn adversaries into allies! tweet

As you’re such an advocate for video marketing, I think I already know the answer to this question but what is your preferred social media network and why?

YouTube. There are many reasons why. It is the most popular. It is owned by Google and that means YouTube videos appear in Google search engine results (often above websites when they are titled, tagged and described properly using appropriate keywords).

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