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by | Aug 13, 2013

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Albert Mai is trying out the Google Glass from Robert Scoble

I’m trying out the Google Glass from Robert Scoble

My name is Albert Mai, today is my first day at In Marketing We Trust and I’m very happy to be a part of the team. I hope this post will help everyone to understand more about me.
About me
Let me start first with meaning of my name. My Vietnamese name is Khoa which stands for science. I actually discovered the meaning of my name by myself before my parents even told me!
At primary school, I started to realized that I’m deeply in love with science for two reasons:

  1. I am always curious of and want to figure out how things work. Discovery Channel and How it’s made were my favourite channels.
  2. After finding out how things are connected, I love to connect the dots to build new stuffs.
Albert Mai with Dave McClure from 500startups at TechVenture 2012

I’m with Dave McClure from 500startups at TechVenture 2012

As I went to university, I needed an English name and Albert Einstein came straight away to my mind. I’m sure it all makes sense now 🙂
Start of my career
I am currently studying Business Information System at RMIT in third year. I originally come from Vietnam and finished the first 2 years there.
I decided to take a year off from university to get involved in the startup community and get experience working in startups.
Startup ecosystem in Vietnam is still young and I wanted to learn the ropes of startup business in more mature economies. I also wanted to challenge myself by getting out of my comfort zone and out of Vietnam.

Albert Mai withGeorge Kellerman from 500startups at TechVenture 2012

I’m having photo with George Kellerman from 500startups

From June – Dec 2012, I went to Singapore and invested some time to met and talk to all parties in a startup ecosystem in order to fully understand how it works. During that period, I got offered an internship position from Google Singapore in their strategic partnership team, however, I then decided to intern at Pollenizer Singapore in a product role.
Realizing that Sydney has a high rank in startup ecosystem among APAC, again I made a
move to Sydney in Feb 2013. That’s how I end up here.
As part of my work at In Marketing We Trust, I will be focusing on special SEO projects to develop mega website (1Mln pages+) analysis and audit tools. All of that is still in stealth mode, for now.

Albert Mai attended ASEANpreneurs at NUS, Singapore

I’m attending ASEANpreneurs entrepreneurship bootcamp at NUS, Singapore

I’ll also be doing projects here and there in the Social and Content space.
Find me on the web
My LinkedIn profile was the beginning of my personal branding story. After that, I created other social profiles like Twitter, SlideShare, About.me, Google+, Quora and
personal blog.
I still have a lot of things to learn from everyone in our team. I’m looking forward to get to know everyone in our team and get to know more about SEO.

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