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This month at Google Marketing Platform Sydney, we spoke to Miguel Lorenzo, iOS engineer and founder of Filma app on Marketing a New Mobile App. We walked through app development, app store optimisation and product launch. We asked Miguel a few questions to give you even more mobile app marketing tips.

12 Mobile App Marketing TipsMobile App Development

How did you decide what features to include in your app?

I did some research on competitors reviews, blogs of video editing and trying to find what were the most wanted features for a video editing app for iPad. I also released an early MVP with Analytics integrated (Firebase-GA) and announced there that a lot of these features would be coming soon. I added some tags for “I’m interested in this”, “I’m not interested”, so I could know what were the most wanted features to be prioritised in the App.

12 Mobile App Marketing Tips - Filma Interview

One of the biggest challenges of app development is cost. What did you do to keep the costs of app development and marketing down?

Basically, I did it all by myself, from design, coding, promotional videos, etc. so I could save a lot of money on these tasks. For marketing, I tried to stay as organic as possible and used social media to spread the word. 

On the other hand, I paid a subscription to a media stock provider, so I could get high-quality elements like pictures, videos and assets for my app. I also contacted Tech blogs by email, Product Hunt publication and reached one by one potential users and talked to them about the app.

What are your best tips for app development?

Be patient and stay consistent. Developing a product that you believe in is going to take a lot of time. Overall you can plan to do this, like in my case, during your spare time. Being patient and doing bit by bit every day at a consistent pace will lead to a final decent product. 

Make corrections from your mistakes, get constant feedback from customers, and people from your field. A lot of help can be found on the internet as well for any challenge presented and many people are willing to give a hand in an altruistic way.

App Store Optimisation

What are your best tips for app store optimisation?

Know your competition and have a better version of what already exists. A good product is essential to succeed on the App Store. Rating and reviews will quickly rank your app up on the list. 

The title will have the major impact on your keywords ranking. Try to find out what are the best keywords for your store listing keeping in mind popularity of those, relevance for your product and competitiveness. 

The first impression on the store is also essential, therefore you should have a good looking and professional set of screenshots that describe properly all the features of your app.

app store optimisation

What’s the best way developers can research their competition in the app store?

You can use google trends, auto completion search on the App Store, find keywords from competitors reviews and ultimately use any of the multiple App Store Optimization tools that offer free and paid services and that will do the math for you.

Do you have different strategies for different app stores?

In my case, I’m fully dedicated to iOS Apps, but as far as I’ve investigated, it should work in a very similar way for Google Play Store, having maybe some differences in the way that they rank the Apps.

Mobile App Marketing Tips

Why did you release your app early and what were the benefits?

The main reason for releasing the app early was to get quick feedback that would allow me to prioritize my development. Since I was the only creator and developer of my app, prioritization was a key factor in order to succeed on the product creation. I couldn’t afford to waste so much time on features that may not be wanted or requested by my targeted customers.

Another benefit is brand awareness and positioning. Having the app published early will start ranking on multiple websites. 

Start building a community that would support the future of the app. At the early stage the app was offered for free and without any kind of limitations. It was like a win-win agreement. The early birds would get a free video editing app and I would get feedback and support in exchange. They were told on an onboarding process about the free aspect of the app and the reasons why it was free (early release, lack of features, prioritization, etc). In an exercise of transparency, they were also told that the app would eventually have a Premium Plan. However, for being early users they would be offered a free Promo Code after the official launch.

Mobile App Marketing Tips

Did you make any significant changes after gathering feedback from the early release?

All my backlog was prioritized according to the feedback collected and the research that I did on existing competitors reviews and blogs.

How did you make it to #1 on Product Hunt?

Actually, I have to mention that at the end of that day, someone else took over my first place and Filma became #2 for that day officially. Although, during the whole day Filma was mostly the number one and I quickly collected my #1 Product of the Day badge and took some screenshots in the middle of my excitement.

What are the benefits of being featured on Product Hunt and was it worth the effort?

Definitely it was worth it. After being featured in Product Hunt, my app was exposed to many tech blogs talking about it, increasing brand awareness. I also received several messages from interested investors. I’ve been doing some interviews and also offered to talk about my experience here at Google Marketing Platform meetups

Another benefit has been reflected in the downloads and feedback received after getting featured. Although the app had big momentum in January and now it is gradually decreasing, the download rates and daily usage of the app is far away from the previous stages to the launch on Product Hunt.

What are your best tips for creating an app landing page that converts?

Keep it simple but with a professional look at the same time. Go straight to the point and provide several entry points to download your product, contact options and show the main features of the app. 

It is really interesting to use analytics on the Landing Page so you can A/B test and check what copy and layout is performing and converting better. Make sure that the landing page is responsive and use SSL certified domain to build trust with the visitors.

Beyond app store optimisation what are your best tips for marketing a new mobile app?

Have a good product is the first step.

If the customers are happy they will do the marketing for you. You just need to listen to your customers and know what they really want and what value your app is providing to cover that. For that you can implement several ways to detect users preferences: 

  • Analytics within the app.
  • Feedback and reviews (offer options within the app to contact you).
  • Read competitors bad and good reviews and use that feedback to improve your app.
  • Use social media to build a brand presence on every channel (with analytics on the landing page I discovered that many users were going straight to the Instagram App profile where I provide example of usage of the app and a direct link to download it).
  • Google Ads. Due to Filma being a video editing app dedicated to vloggers and Youtubers, a good place to market this product is on Youtube itself by using Google Ads and a good catchy video that summarizes the benefits and goodness of the app.
  • Search Ads. In addition, Search Ads (from Apple) will help with the discoverability on the App Store for those customers that are searching specifically the keywords that you are trying to rank for (presumably related to your product field like video editing).
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